What Our Readers are Saying:
"Iíve tried reading self-improvement books before but I get bored and impatient.Your book looks like it has been written with my mind in mind!"
"I've started to read your book and already I see life more positively. Congratulations on the wonderful tool you created for people to feel at their best."
"The information is there but it's not preachy or overbearing. The way you have laid it out is just simple but really effective. ... it's had a real positive impact on me so far and I wanted to say thanks for writing it!"
"Very insightful, easy to read, and inspiring."
"I have so many so called self-help books. I find it so hard to distill them down to get the essence of what is trying to be communicated. I often feel I want to re-read books and do a precis on them as there's often so much fluff and packing.
In contrast your book is so well organized, very precise and standardized approach. I love all the quotes that are so relevant. It is a very practical book, all packaged so neatly and so concise.
I think you saw a need there to cut through the fog and get to the real meat. That you have done."
"I'm at the stress section and find it a very pragmatic, sensible and intelligent read on the matter."
"I have read many self-help and how-to-do books....for both personal and professional development purposes. However, I have never read an actual Life manual until I read your book. As I read the first part of the book I was saying to myself - I know that, and I've read this all before! Then I got to the middle of the book - page 85 to be exact and I read about wonderment (what a wonderful word!) and having fun and how to view life using the specific tools mentioned in your book and everything began to come together.
Loved the quotes and liked the way how the references to them were listed numerically in the "Bios" section and also that they were in the same print size as the book itself...too often these references are in smaller print and are very hard to read. Truly a great book!"
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