To illustrate how this manual can apply to life circumstances and situations; "frequently asked questions", answers and manual references are provided below.


Question 7 - Iíve always wanted to ____. But something always happens to ____. Is it just that Iím just not cut out to ____?

Answer 7 Ė This will be a long answer because there could be many reasons why you have been unable to attain your goal.

Your thoughts have a powerful impact on what you can achieve. Thinking that something always happens to frustrate your goal or that youíre not cut out for what you want; operates to sabotage your goal because your thoughts, whether they are good or bad, go into your subconscious as ideas. Your subconscious looks for opportunities to manifest these ideas as events in the real world. Therefore, if you have positive thoughts, you are more likely to discover positive things. If you have failure thoughts, you are more likely to find failure. (See Thoughts inSection 1, "How To" for "You".)

You experience this world and matters pertaining to your goal through your own perceptions. You react to and evaluate each event based on your very own belief system and attitudes. It may be that the way in which you see certain events, surrounding the attainment of your goal, is based on erroneous beliefs and negative attitudes. You should look for the weaknesses in your belief system and attitudes and attempt to view the situation in an undistorted way to better see the opportunities leading to your goal. (See Filters Section 1, "How To" for "You" and Distortions in Section 4, Troubleshooting.)

Depending on the nature of your goal, you may need to develop and improve certain skills. In order to become good at something, it is necessary to practice. (See Neuroscience in Section 1, "How To" for "You".)

Successful people do not generally succeed right away nor do they succeed all the time. Therefore, when you make a mistake or have bad fortune, donít give up. Do not mistakenly think that because you have been thwarted that you should stop. Donít let your past mistakes or misfortunes prevent your future successes. (See Disappointments inSection 4, Troubleshooting.)

Perhaps you are approaching life with a negative attitude. Such an attitude makes one prone to focus on problems and pitfalls and not on solutions or opportunities. In addition, negative people can sometimes get into a "poor me" rut where they treat past events as an excuse for weak efforts that cause them to fail repeatedly. (See Poor Me and Negativity in Section 4, Troubleshooting.) Be positive. Be strong.