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Denise M. Lammi, B.M.A., C.A.

Denise Lammi is known by her audiences as an "entertaining and enthusiastic" speaker. Her varied education and work experience in business, writing, teaching and personal development give her unique presentations rich texture and style.

Denise is a Chartered Accountant, former partner in a successful firm, instructor, co-author of the personal development book "Your Own Devices" and author of numerous professional development seminars. She is an active and accredited member of Toastmasters International. She believes that both personal and professional development is required for an optimal quality of life.

We live in a culture dominated by high achievement and high expectations. We need practical solutions that facilitate success and happiness. Denise’s experience with logical thinkers and her research into "tried and true" life skills enables her to give presentations that deliver relevant, practical information and skills.

Her fast-paced talks and seminars are loaded with valuable insights, effective life skills and practical applications.

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