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Denise Lammi and David Wojtowicz
We are sister and brother.  We were raised in a small farming community in Southern Alberta near Lethbridge, Canada.  We both became Chartered Accountants but our education and professional careers took us in different directions until 1989 when David moved to Vancouver from Amsterdam.  Denise was already residing in Vancouver.  Together, we founded and operated a successful Chartered Accounting practice  for 15 years and authored numerous courses for the professional development of accountants.  More recent accomplishments, from our combined efforts, include authoring and publishing the book "Your Own Devices".

Our background and experience in listening, learning and getting to bottom of the "real issues" has well suited us to approach the matter of personal development in a thorough, organized, useful and sensible manner.  Our professional training and experience in insightful and precise thinking, interactions with business minded people and preparation of accurate technical material enables us to comprehend and explain personal development knowledge from a unique perspective.

We both currently live in Vancouver, Canada.
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