We live in a culture dominated by high achievement and high expectations. We need practical solutions that facilitate success and happiness.  Past and present thinkers have provided valuable insights into ways to do things in life that improve oneís chances for success in the pursuit of love, happiness and personal satisfaction. Unfortunately, (until now) the information was only generally available if one was prepared to read a lot of good and bad books. Many such books propose some rather unusual theories and methods that most linear thinkers canít subscribe to.

We saw a need for a logical, complete, organized, efficient and practical read on the subject of life skills; in one book - an instruction manual! Life skills are like devices - if you know which device to use, and how to use it, you can attain optimum results."Your Own Devices"  explains about the devices that can impact you, your interactions with others and your connection to this world. It is comprehensive, extremely useful, easy to read, and entertaining.

This book will explain how you can operate more effectively and live your life with more happiness, strength and courage.

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"Your Own Devices", is written in a manner that is comprehensive, practical, easy to read and entertaining. Click the link below to read selected excerpts from the book and articles about the book.
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